HEMA is going to replace disposable plastic products intended for single use in all cases where a more sustainable alternative is available. This year, HEMA will make a start by selling more sustainable versions of plastic stirrers, drinking straws, cotton ear buds and plastic confetti.


The amount of harmful plastic waste in our environment is increasing. HEMA aims to use more sustainable materials for all our products to prevent plastic ending up as litter in the environment. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute to making our world better by making better products that are available and affordable to everyone.


“Our responsibility goes further than just disposable plastic products. We are tackling the entire plastic problem: disposable products, packaging and the products we sell. This means that we are phasing out the use of plastic where not necessary, using recycled plastic and motivating customers to reuse products,” Eva Ronhaar, Head of Sustainability explains.


Beginning this autumn, HEMA is going to sell only paper and metal drinking straws. Cotton ear buds made from cardboard are already available in some HEMA stores and will be introduced in all HEMA stores. Since January, our customers are encouraged to bring their own cup for hot drinks in our takeaways: customers with their own cup are given a 25c discount.