In 2018, HEMA signed the Bangladesh Transition Accord. The transition accord continues the work of the first Bangladsh Accord until the Remediation Coordination Cell (RCC), a Bangladeshi government body, is ready to take over the Accord’s activities and responsibilities. During the past 5 years, many improvements have been made with regard to fire and building safety. In addition, millions of factory workers have been informed about their rights.


For HEMA, it is important that the transfer of responsibility proceeds as well as possible. This means that the RCC needs to have sufficient capacity and knowledge to take over the Accord’s work. We hope that the negotiations currently being conducted between the Accord and the Bangladesh government lead to a successful transfer of responsibility. If this does not come to fruition, HEMA will continue to participate in the Transition Accord and we will continue to strive to find a solution in cooperation with the other participating parties.