Amsterdam, 9 September 2019. HEMA has announced that all the cotton products it sells are now made from 100% sustainable cotton. All cotton purchased for HEMA products such as clothes and textiles is now purchased according to one of the three sustainability standards: Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Organic Content Standard (OCS) or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This achievement means that HEMA has already met its own sustainability target originally set for 2020.

From baby rompers to sheets, t-shirts and towels

HEMA has been improving the sustainability of its product range for many years. Towels and basic t-shirts were HEMA’s first products made from sustainable cotton. At the beginning of 2019, HEMA announced that its Baby range would be the first range made exclusively from 100% sustainable cotton. HEMA has now succeeded in using only 100% sustainable cotton for all cotton products in all HEMA ranges (including home and bath textiles, bed linen and men’s, women’s and children’s clothing). 

Sustainable but not more expensive

“HEMA wants to make it easier and more attractive for consumers to choose sustainable products. HEMA is part of society as a whole and we see that we can make a big difference by playing a pioneering role. We made a strategic choice to move towards 100% sustainable cotton several years ago. This is why we are proud that we have achieved this objective together with our partners earlier than we originally expected. By making sustainable cotton available to everyone at an affordable price we are taking a big step towards a more sustainable world,” explains Floor Driessen, Head of Sustainability at HEMA.   

Different kinds of sustainable cotton

Most of the cotton products sold by HEMA are made using cotton purchased according to Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) standards. In 2018, HEMA purchased 4.4 million kg BCI cotton. This has allowed the BCI organisation to train 5,500 farmers in more sustainable agricultural methods. HEMA’s organic cotton products are made from organic cotton that is certified according to one of the two international standards: Organic Content Standard (OCS) or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Organic cotton is grown and produced without the use of chemicals. 

HEMA products that contain cotton carry a green leaf symbol that indicates whether the product is made from sustainable or organic cotton. For more information about the difference between sustainable and organic cotton and the production processes used, see the link below.