Today, HEMA is publishing the production list for all its non-food products. This list, which is now available to the public, includes clothing, such as the romper, but also hardware such as toys and Christmas baubles. The information is available from today on the HEMA website. With the publication of this list, the retailer is taking another step towards expanding chain transparency. 

At HEMA, all of the products have carried information about their country of origin for some time. Clothing companies are increasingly publishing their production location lists. HEMA, with the publication of its own production location list, is taking another step towards revealing the locations for all hardware. The retailer would like to inspire other companies to publish details of origins and the corresponding data for these products too. 

Tackling misunderstandings together

“We see transparency not as a goal in itself but as a method for collectively tackling misunderstandings in all chains”, says Floor Driessen, Head of Sustainability. “The publication of any competition-sensitive information is of lesser importance in this context. We believe that we must tackle these issues across the industry and that begins with being open. It is a responsibility that we have been taking very seriously for some time now. Whether it’s tackling one another on misunderstandings or improving labour conditions for suppliers and manufacturers.”

Chain overview

HEMA is publishing details of 624 locations at which HEMA goods have been produced over the past 12 months. On the website, you can see which factories the retailer uses, per country, how many employees are employed there and which product groups are manufactured.

Signing Transparency pledge

HEMA has today signed the Transparency Pledge along with other companies in the clothing industry. With this Pledge , the businesses are firming up their commitment to publishing the locations at which they produce clothing and providing details on which types of clothing are manufactured and how many people are employed. For more information, please visit: