Hema publishes production location list

Today, HEMA is publishing the production list for all its non-food products. This list, which is now available to the public, includes clothing, such as the romper, but also hardware such as toys and Christmas baubles. The information is available from today on the HEMA website. With the publication of this list, the retailer is…
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Amsterdam, 9 September 2019. HEMA has announced that all the cotton products it sells are now made from 100% sustainable cotton. All cotton purchased for HEMA products such as clothes and textiles is now purchased according to one of the three sustainability standards: Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Organic Content Standard (OCS) or Global Organic Textile…
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HEMA and the Bangladesh Transition Accord

In 2018, HEMA signed the Bangladesh Transition Accord. The transition accord continues the work of the first Bangladsh Accord until the Remediation Coordination Cell (RCC), a Bangladeshi government body, is ready to take over the Accord’s activities and responsibilities. During the past 5 years, many improvements have been made with regard to fire and building…
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Sustainable baby clothes and HEMA

Sustainable cotton, organic cotton and FSC bamboo cause less harm to the environment. This is why HEMA uses only these materials for baby clothes: better for your baby and better for our world. If you’d like to know more about how our organic baby rompers are made, watch our video.   If you’d like to…
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HEMA to replace disposable plastic products with sustainable alternatives

HEMA is going to replace disposable plastic products intended for single use in all cases where a more sustainable alternative is available. This year, HEMA will make a start by selling more sustainable versions of plastic stirrers, drinking straws, cotton ear buds and plastic confetti.   The amount of harmful plastic waste in our environment…
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HEMA and Too good to go together against food waste

Amsterdam, 7 November 2018. HEMA is starting this week with a ‘magic box’ with the aim of further reducing food waste. During the trial period, 5 HEMA stores in Amsterdam will take part. The HEMA magic box In November, HEMA is doing a test with Too Good To Go. Via the application, HEMA is offering…
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The Rpet duvet and pillow of HEMA

HEMA finds it important that its products make a positive contribution to everyday life. This is why HEMA has developed something new as a result of which you can sleep with more peace of mind: the rPET duvet and pillow. This bedding is filled with fibres from recycled PET material and is therefore a sustainable alternative to…
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