We think it is important that our products make a positive contribution to the lives of everyone we work with – customers, employees, suppliers and their communities.

HEMA in brief

A new department store for “ordinary people”: this is what our founders, Leo Meyer and Arthur Isaac, had in mind when they opened the first branch of the Hollandsche Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam, or HEMA for short (Dutch Unit Prices Company Amsterdam) on 4 November 1926 in Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. The products – which were seen as

reliable and typically Dutch from day one – all cost just 10, 25 or 50 cents.

Since then, HEMA has grown to become an international retailer, with 752 stores, (545 stores in the Netherlands and 207 stores in other countries), of which 266 are franchise stores. Our ambition for 2018 is to open stores in Austria and The UAE. A total of 19,000 employees work at HEMA, and an average of 6 million people shop at one of our stores or online every

week. We offer our online customers an extensive range of around 32,000 of our own products and services. Since 2007, HEMA BV has been part of Lion Capital.

HEMA devotes a great deal of attention to expanding our range of sustainable products. In this way, we make sure everyone has access to affordable, sustainable products. This is “truly HEMA”. We want our customers to recognise sustainable products and understand why they are sustainable, so that they can make informed choices. This is why we are

going to place more emphasis on communicating the stories behind our products.


HEMA makes sustainable products available to everyone at affordable prices. This is ‘truly HEMA’.  It is important that our sustainable products are easily identifiable and we want our customers to understand what makes a product sustainable, so that they can make sustainable choices. For this reason you can find HEMA’s green leaf stamp on an increasing number of products. The green leaf means that we used more sustainable raw materials to make this product.

The most important sales categories were:

food and drink


fashion and underwear






code of conduct

HEMA has drafted a Code of Conduct that states how we do business with our suppliers. The Code of Conduct contains HEMA’s core values and our rules and regulations. HEMA staff are also expected to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct at all time.